About us

AvatarLife is an innovative and exciting Virtual World which opened fully in June 2019. Socialising and community, creativity, entrepreneurship and entertainment (such as music, quiz, roleplay games and skill games) will flourish due to our development and environment.

AvatarLife is OpenSim based but we have done much work to create our own viewer with many improvements.

We are developing our own technology and engine. In the near future we plan to move away from the Opensim platform.

Our in-world currency is AV$ (AV dollars). AV is short for the Latin Word “AVRA” which means “AURA”. In the world of AvatarLife, there will be a lot of Aura!

We look forward to seeing you. Please contact us for more information.


                                                    Some lovely in-world images below for you:

Our Virtual World

This video shows one of our Virtual World's unique new features

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